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Andre Heller Garden Villa Residency

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Gianni Zardin & Gallery Carte Scoperte

Carte Scoperte was born on the ashes of the galleries previously opened by Gianni Zardin in Milan and Miami. A new space dedicated to works on paper of '900 Italian. The paper as the genesis of the idea of he artist: the flicker of genius, the primordial idea and not polluted by other techniques; the creative birth and the unmistakable creative are what inspired the members of CS to decide to focus on works on paper.

The works on paper are the finest example of the work of an artist, in addition, the cards offer the possibility to get closer to top artists in price significantly lower than the works on canvas.

In the new space in Via Maroncelli, 14 in Milan dedicates exhibitions to both personal and to the great masters of modern and contemporary emerging artists or to those forgotten or undervalued by the market.




Antonio Battaglia Gallery

Founded in 2002, Antonio Battaglia Gallery proposes Italian Art in the centre of Brera district, in Milan. In the last years the exposition program has been extended with the revalue of sixty and seventy italian artists, forgotten by the market even though their works still continue to be very significant. The gallery carries on with the proposal of emerging artists, maintaing its spirit of research, beyond the art market; the gallery also collaborates to the project Accademia Italia with some masters of Accademia di Brera. Antonio Battaglia Gallery is present at the most important italian art fair, it organizes exhibitions in public spaces and also it publishes catalogues in collaboration with Giampaolo Prearo Editore.



Private Collection Traveling / Frederike A. Garre

Private Collection Traveling is a team of Travel-Ambassadors, who use their global network, consisting of excellent caterers, hoteliers, gallery owners, retailers, event managers and many more to plan your dream trip right down to the last detail.


Pasinger Fabrik, Munich

This culture factory is located directly on one of the main transport hubs of Munich : at Pasing station . It is a home to many cultural disciplines ! Cabaret and cabaret groups , theater groups , musicians of all genres have found their home here ; but also many temporary exhibitions in the spacious galleries are an essential part of cultural life on the outskirts of Munich ! And do not forget the performances of Munich's SMALLEST opera house with its lovingly - inclined productions of " big musical theater repertoire.”

Ich bin Blindtext. Von Geburt an. Es hat lange gedauert, bis ich begriffen habe, was es bedeutet, ein blinder Text zu sein: Man macht keinen Sinn. Man wirkt hier und da aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen. Oft wird man gar nicht erst gelesen. Aber bin ich deshalb ein schlechter Text? Ich weiss, dass ich nie die Chance haben werde, im Stern zu erscheinen.

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