The box is an international artistic collective established to explore and present new and emerging theatre work that blurs the line between art and performance. Where the goal is to break down the barrier between performer and audience and in doing so create an immersive performance experience. The objective is the creation of living art that allows an audience to exist within the production and thus in turn be changed by the experience.

We tell Dirty Stories.

The box collective is an international company run by women that originated as an ensemble in New York. Consisting of artists who hunger to challenge the traditional theatre scene and engage their audience through a real experience, our work evokes visceral reactions beyond passive entertainment.

Our first piece, La Cueca premiered in the Hamptons and in New York’s Chelsea Art Museum to critical acclaim. From the beginning, the vision of the box was to create a company that would perform not only in New York, but take this approach to theatre around the world. In the past few years we’ve forged international relationships and collaborations throughout Europe and we continue to grow into new territories both artistically and geographically.

This is theatre of immediacy, necessity and risk-taking. Beginning from an organic creative process, the ensemble works together to create a holistic performance experience. This is theatre that comes from a question and a need to know. 


New work, poetic, dramatic, visceral, elemental, challenging, explorative.