The Box in Berlin

From East to West. New work, poetic, dramatic, visceral, elemental, challenging, explorative. 

Berlin is home to one of the most innovative cultural scenes in the world. It is a city that values the development of artistic disciplines. It is young, fresh, and provocative--moving into unknown territory, asking vital questions and taking chances. This is what the collaboration between The Actors Space Berlin and the box collective is all about.

The Actors Space has grown immensely from its humble beginnings three-years ago. Today, the Space is leading the way for modern acting techniques in Berlin and offers artists a sense of community, with everything from performances, to workshops, to events for members and the greater community. The Actors Space Berlin is the first institution in Europe dedicated to the Meisner Technique, developed by the American theater artist, Sanford Meisner. 

The main aim of this collaboration—the box in the Space-- is to question what it means to regain the strength of true human values. In this hectic fast-paced electronically social world, intimacy has been sacrificed for gain, creativity for profit margin, originality for likeability and expression for consumption. The box in the Space searches for new ways of being, new ways of seeing and relating. The box in the Space allows team members from each disciple full artistic expression while working towards the creation of a unified piece of theatre. For the entire rehearsal period, the lighting designers, installation artists, projection artists, sound designers, composers, playwrights, dancers and actors work together, drawing inspiration from each other and creating in collaboration until the final production—an integrated reality for the performers to play in and the audience to experience.

The box in the Space combines the emotional immediacy of the American traditions with the intellectual capacity of the German theatre. With the combination of these two elements there is the possibility to affect the entirety of a human being--mind, body and spirit. The box in the Space strives to provoke each audience member to examine his/her personal journey through the creation of an intimate artistic experience.