Show Your Bones

Igniting the creative process with refugee communities in Europe.

Our mission is to offer a platform for refugee communities to tell their stories. On team we have pianist and composer Dani Campos, filmmaker and visual artist Erinn Clancy and writers/performers Andrea Goldman, Sara Fay George and Esther Sophia Artner. Throughout a five-week process we guide participants in storytelling workshops that explore the mediums of dance, words, music, visual and video art.

When we visit a memory in our brain, the memory changes and alters. When we tell a story we have the possibility to rewrite history by reframing our perspectives; thus the victim of a story can easily become the hero.

The final product is a weaving and interdisciplinary event experience that will be performed for local communities.

We hope by offering this work that the public will have the opportunity to enter the reality of what it means to be a refugee.

By broadcasting these performances, we will also offer a global platform to raise awareness of refugee realities, ignite empathy for their struggles and incite the need of the public to support.

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