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Francesca Woodman Self-Deceit #1

Francesca Woodman Self-Deceit #1

OBSESSED I Summer 2016

Obsessed is a story about lies. In the world of today, with all the entangled webs, one lie does not only lead to another, it can actually turn into reality. Manipulation, distortion and gas lighting have become useful and valuable tools whenever a private or public opinion is about to be shaped. How is it possible that the more we know the more we seem to be prone to lies? Is it because the truth is often very painful? Is it because a certain distortion of reality lets us get away with horrible things? Or could it be that in reality truth does not exist and therefore neither do lies?

Obsessed deals with different situations which are decisively shaped by lies and our willingness to belief in them. Illusion and truth, the struggle for possession, manipulation and revelation are the topics of the three parts. Three women are confronted with or exercise mental, physical and intellectual corruption of various kinds. However, this project will not be offering any solutions or even claim to be morally right. Any consensus will be avoided at any price. The audience is being played as well, as, eventually, massive doubts about the action and the talk on stage is supposed to unfold. Although it is quite clear, that actors can’t be trusted after all, this project uses and abuses all the methods of modern manipulation in public, private and self-deception.

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A work of art is good if it has arisen out of
— Ranier Maria Rilke